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Digital radiography, also known as digital x-rays, have revolutionized the way dentists take images of patients’ teeth and have greatly improved patient comfort and safety. Why are digital x-rays such a big deal? How do digital x-rays affect your visit to the dentist?

X-ray imaging, or radiography, works by using x-rays to create an image of an opaque object. An x-ray generator emits x-rays, which then pass through the object to be scanned. A film or a receiver on the other side of the object picks up the x-rays which passed through the object. Not all the x-rays make it through the object, however; some of the x-rays are absorbed by denser materials, such as bone. Traditionally, small films were used when a dentist would take x-rays of a patient’s smile. Digital x-rays, however, use a small digital receiver in the place of film. This means that far less radiation is needed, improving patient safety. Also, the digital x-rays are quickly and easily stored onto the computer.

As part of our commitment to patient comfort and safety, we are pleased to utilize modern digital x-rays at New Image Dental Group. Dental technology helps our entire team provide unparalleled care and precision. If you would like to learn more about our services and how we use digital radiography in Bogart, Georgia, call us today at 770.725.7377. Dr. Jonathan Hwang looks forward to welcoming your family to our practice!